We innovate and improve our efficiency with each passing day. Zuaru will offer you the best service from professionals that are 100% accredited.


At Zuaru we provide expert advice, maintance, and support to our clients to help them, stage by stage, on the completion of their new or existing projects.


In our generation, applications are the tools that allow us the access of information that concerns our surroundings (social media, for example).


At Zuaru we dedícate ourselves to the creation new realities; video games is one of our ways to achieve this. These also allows us to reach the public by entertaining them.


Specialized in the web field and everything that concerns it, at Zuaru we work hard everyday to create new strategies for your business, with the help of multiple programming tools.


It is a document or electronic information that is capable of containing: text, audio, video, programs, links, images, among other things; designed specifically for the World Wide Web. Such documents can be accesed by using a web browser.

Que es una aplicacion

Is a computer program designed as a tool for a user to complete one or more jobs. It simplifies processes by automating complex tasks such as: accountability, typing documents, management of a warehouse, etc.


A video game, is a software or application created to entertain one or more people.  Not only are they used for comercial purposes, but also for marketing.



It is a langauge used to define the styling of a HTML document. In other words, it modifies the aesthetics of such file, and its components.


Object-oriented language designed to run on any device.


It is the most common language used for the development of dynamic web sites. It powers applications such as WordPress and Prestashop.


HTML o HTML5 son los lenguajes estándares para la realización de páginas y aplicaciones web.

Standard languages for the creation of web sites and web applications


It is a programming language that it is easy to learn and fast to execute. For these reasons, it is used in the creation of video games.


One of the most widely-used data base languages in general. It is mostly implemented on small web applications, or web sites.


It allows us to manage big quantities of data. It is also advantegous due to its compatibility with current operating systems.


One of the most widely used programming languages by companies for data bases due to its capacity to handle big amounts of data, and the functions it provides.